Ping Mobile


Advanced Engagement


Advanced engagement, regardless of the medium

A wholistic approach increases the lifetime value of clients 

Ping Mobile offers an array of solutions, but they all have one singular goal: to deliver your brand's message to your target audience, when + where they're most likely to act on it.


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Maximize the Value of Each Consumer

Your existing customers have the lowest cost to convert

  • Create campaigns like loyalty programs, focused on repeat purchases
  • Empower customers to become brand advocates with offers that can be spread virally
  • Couple hyperlocal targeting with next generation search + display to increase brand visibility
  • Distribute platform-agnostic messages with smart medium hopping
  • Drive audiences to a variety of physical and virtual locations, achieving multiple concurrent campaign goals

Evangelize + Reach Your Audience's Network

Leverage your audience, harnessing the power of the network effect

  • Create exciting, emotional and memorable branded content
  • Provide your audience with the tools and incentive to spread your branded messages
  • Showcase your audience's content across platforms, highlighting their endorsements
  • Utilize the same channels of communication your audience already uses daily


Focus on the Channels with the Highest CTR

Marketing communication is critical and only effective it it's heard

  • Using channels like messaging, as opposed to email + social, can increase your open rate by 80%+
  • Intelligent links within messages can be used to achieve new goals like:
    • Encourage app usage or showcase new app features, delivering users directly to a page within an app
    • Open unique branded offers
    • Deliver e-tickets
    • Verify identity/account ownership
    • Deliver turn-by-tun navigation to physical locations