Ping Mobile


Hyperlocal Targeting


Geographic targeting so advanced, you wont believe your eyes

Location is the one of the most valuable data-points in determining relevance

Leverage the pin-point precision of hyperlocal targeting, advertising to consumers in a precise location, to the nearest foot. And, with Ping Mobile's intelligent campaign management platform, you can both learn from your audience's behaviors, as well as target your competitors' customers.


How it works


Select Your Geofence

Each campaign starts with a geofence, allowing your brand to target users within a given area

  • Specify the date range you'd like to target (for example, everyone that was there over the course of one week)
  • The system will define exactly how many devices are present in that geofence
  • Use advanced filters to select and save specific demographic targets
  • Determine the ad spend and duration of your campaign
  • Launch your campaign and intelligent optimizations will be applied

Gather Market Intelligence + Increase Brand Value

Once your campaign is underway, you'll begin to learn more about visitors than ever before

  • Only data can take you from assumptions to reality, and when wielded properly, that can make the difference between a brand's success and failure
  • Optimize your marketing materials and campaigns based on the physical actions of your customers
  • Increase ROI by offering more compelling offers
  • Increase the lifetime value (LTV) of your customers by properly exploiting the 80/20 rule

Recycle_small copy.png

Measure. Rinse. Repeat.

Once your campaign is complete, simple and powerful reports help you visualize results making them actionable

  • Visualized data helps you make more informed decisions, and Ping Mobile's data scientists are available to help you understand your campaign's impact, as well as what to do next
  • After careful analysis, recommendations are made to help you increase your brand's ROI
  • With over 90% retention, we're confident you'll both value your experience, as well as engage in a follow-up campaign to maximize the value of your ad spend