Ping Mobile


Intelligent Search + Display


Exceeding campaign goals, one highly-targeted ad at a time

There are hundreds of ad networks out there, but only one's truly intelligent

Use search + display ads to target in ways you never thought possible.


How's it different?


Intelligent Campaign Optimizations

The only network that intelligently optimizes its campaigns in real-time

  • Ping Mobile's ad network learns more about your target audience with every ad served
  • These learnings are applied, automatically optimizing campaigns as they run
  • While each campaign varies, they often achieve results that are twice the industry average
  • Campaign costs are typically lower than most other ad networks with better results
  • Location can be paired with specific sets of advanced demographic data to further enhance campaign performance 

Cutting-Edge Demographic Targeting

Target your audience in ways you never thought possible

  • Data is aggregated from a wide variety of sources, providing you with one of the richest datasets available
  • Learn more about your users and understand which products or features are most appealing to them
  • Once your campaign launches, newly acquired interaction data is added to the demographic tapestry
  • Targeting becomes even more accurate with each subsequent campaign you run


Contextual Relevance

Context often makes the difference between success and failure

  • Layering-on variables like these create unparalleled contextual relevance:
    • current and past locations
    • web browsing history
    • app installs/usage
    • basic demographic information
    • social accounts
    • social graph
  • With over 90% client retention, Ping Mobile works to become your brand's partner, ensuring contextual relevance increases with each subsequent campaign